Niles - Niles Canyon Road - A "White Witch" or "Niles Canyon Ghost"

A young woman who's last name was Lowerey was on her way to a wedding possibly her own. Riding in a horse drawn carriage near the way stop of Scott's Corners, (between Pleasanton and Sunol, CA. Area is now Highway 84/680) she was thrown from the carriage when the horses were spooked by the first of two oncoming horseless carriages (car). After she was thrown the 2nd car struck her. Miss Lowerey became the first person to ever be killed by an automobile in this area.

Many have seen a woman in white by the cemetery and near by areas, accompanied with strange lights.

November update: A paranormal researcher found there's quite an extensive collection of newspaper clippings that was donated to the library by a journalist. The clippings go back to the turn of the 20th century, so they cover the period when the "accident" happened. According to the first journalist to report on the supposed haunting, about ten years after the date in the 1920's when the woman was popularly held to have died, there was no mention of anyone dying in an accident in the canyon, and county records of the time listed no account of the body of anyone who had supposedly died in Niles Canyon.

There was, in the early 50's, a young man who dressed in a white sheet and jumped out in front of motorists near one of the bridges on Halloween. He scared someone so bad that they immediately drove to the nearest phone and called the police, who arrived in force (owing to the legend of the white witch) and drew guns on what they thought was the ghost. The young man was almost shot, though he was not arrested, but he had to be taken to a coffee shop where it took him until 2am to calm down sufficiently to go home.

The supposed "white witch of Niles" actually follows the scenario of a common fake ghost story, that being the "hitchhiking ghost" story. The Niles ghost is most commonly said to hitchhike to one of the bridges in the area, where she disappears at the tollbooth. There is no cemetery that they know of in Sunol, which is at the top of Niles Canyon Rd. Similarly; there is no Morrison Canyon ghost.

Morrison Canyon road is a primarily one-lane road that leads up to the 680 freeway. There's even a radar-testing facility up there somewhere, complete with life-size wire models of helicopters and planes, mostly upside down. Now, on the OTHER side of the coin, there ARE photographs of orbs in Mission San Jose's church and in the graveyard, though the investigator does not own them. The church, the cemetery and the grounds are VERY active.

Reader Post: Email:

Subject: Secret Sidewalk

Message: I was a Kennedy High student in 1972. We'd go up to the
sidewalk to get high. There was a place where it spanned a small
canyon. We used to climb out on the bottom and tie a rope to the
cement struts.  We were lucky we didn't kill ourselves, swinging over
the trash pile, tripping.  The "White Witch of Niles" story we heard
back then was tied to the silent film industry. The story we heard was
that Essanay studios had a Halloween party "on location" in the
canyon.  An aspiring young actress, dressed in white as Cleopatra went
to the party to "out" her affair with one of the studio owners (Bill
"Bronco Billy" Anderson). After a confrontation with Anderson and her
wife, she ran away crying, never to be seen again.

More Hauntings in Niles and Fremont:

Other Hauntings in the San Francisco Bay Area

Fremont - Bay Street Salon - When two of the stylist were the only ones in the

salon, the bathroom door would lock somehow, and they would have to retrieve the

key and unlock the door. The toilet would also flush automatically, and it is

not an auto flush toilet. salon was previously a fire station, and a slaughter


Antioch, California

Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - These mines are haunted by the White Witch. In life, her name was Mary. She was a nanny in the 1800's when there was still coal mining in the mines. All of the children died of illnesses and she was accused of Witchcraft, then executed. She guards the mines and when people see her, she is all white.

Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - The Rosehill Cemetery - haunted by Sarah Norton, also known as the "White Witch". She was a midwife and on her way to deliver a baby her carriage fell over and she was crushed. She is seen in the graveyard floating around the tombstones.

Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - Somersville - Sarah Norton - Sarah Norton was a midwife who died on the way to deliver a baby when her carriage over turned and killed her. Sarah was not a religious woman and told her kids that she did not want a funeral. So when she died the town s people of Somersville wanted to give her a funeral. The first time they went to give her a funeral a fierce storm struck up and cause the towns people to delay the funeral till the next day, the next time they tried to give her a funeral another storm came out of no where and the live stock started charging thru town, at that point the towns people stopped trying to give her a funeral and just brought her to Rosehill Cemetery, From that day her sprit has been seen around Somersville and the other locations

where the mining towns use to be know as The Black Diamond Mines in eastern Contra Costa County and other locations off of marsh creek rd. Her ghost has

been known to be called the White Witch.

Antioch - Brentwood - Gravity Hill - In the 1950's a school bus was driving kids home from a field trip. It skidded into a wash and all the kids drowned. If you go there, put your car in neutral around the turn, you get pushed up the hill.

It's supposedly by the kids who died in the bus crash and they want to keep you from the same fate.

Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Gates of Hell - Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. Possibly torn down - In the middle of Empire Mine road, there is a Stuckko wall with a bunch of spray paint on it. If you like to take hikes, this is the place to go. There is a rumor of an old Insane Asylum at the very end of this road. You will come to another gate then behind their lies this old decrepit Structure of a hospital. Many people were killed brutally in this place, and it is VERY haunted by not so nice spirits. Things have been thrown at people, they have been pushed and screams have been heard from the people being tortured by themselves or another. - October 2003 update: Reports of it being a golf course now.

Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Rail Road Mine - Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. Possibly torn down - At the end of Empire mine road, there is an old railroad track tunnel that is pretty spooky inside. There are bats inside it and you can hear voices at the end of the tunnel.

Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Slaughterhouse -Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. - An old slaughterhouse stands in the corner of the road after the first bend. It is haunted by an old man who walks the grounds andmakes sure that everything is ok, and that no one gets hurt while there. Strange noises are heard inside the first building where they chopped up the meat. Clanking inside of the circle figured tubes towards the back of the property. Chains clank all around and you can hear footsteps behind you like someone is watching over you. Just remember to watch your step!

Antioch - St. James Presbyterian Church - This old church, located on Leland Avenue in San Francisco has a history of hauntings. Late at night, footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs, doors shut, etc. Also, on more than one occasion, late at night, doors that normally open easily will be impossible to open, as if a ton of bricks is on the other side of the door. Later, the doors will be found wide open.

Antioch - Vasco road - you can hear people if you get out of your car running around. breathing and invisible people is also reported. if you don’t feel like getting out of your car, it is scary just to drive through in the dark.

Benecia, California

Benicia - Benicia Old Town Theater/ Portuguese Hall - Reports of footsteps on the back stairs, a ball of fire that flies around, lights flashing, cold spots, & an apparition of an old woman.

Benicia - Captain Blythers - This is a very old home now a restaurant. The former owners have had picture jump off of the walls and alarms go off. The

town's police have even experienced this happening.

Benicia - The Union Hotel - During the 1800's, a young woman hanged herself in one of the rooms of this hotel. To this day, people report seeing her apparition in the window that faces the street. Other guests claim to see lights going on and off and someone talking or crying when no one is around.

Berkeley, California

Berkeley - Faculty Club - room 219 is haunted by a ghost of an elderly man.

Bodega Bay, California

Bodega Bay - - Reports of a Vortex here, strange unexplainable things happen to people as well as animals.

Boulder Creek, California

Boulder Creek - Brookdale Lodge - A girl in a formal dress runs across the lobby, then disappears into thin air. In an empty Mermaid Room, voices and music are softly heard. Hidden rooms and secret passages are mysterious vestiges ofBrookdale Lodge's rich past.

Campbell, California

Campbell - Securitas Security - Feeling of not being alone in the building after

hours. Out of the corner of your eyes at night, you see something run down the

hall and around the corner. Sometimes in the hallway where you see the figure,

you get major chills and your hair stands on end. Also you can hear doors

slamming in different areas of the first floor after it been closed.

Capitola, California

Capitola - The Capitola Theater - Reports of hearing voices and all kinds of

racket going on in the theater as if there were a theater-going crowd.

Capitola - Soquel Drive - This old house marked "20" on the entrance is

extremely haunted. There are lots of active orbs and sounds being heard inside

of the house while venturing around the exterior of. Upon getting inside of the

house things had been moved after going from room to room and noises heard in

down below quarters of the house. On the balcony there is a ghost of an old man

who stands on the balcony and guards the home from the 3rd story. The only way

into this place was to climb.

Castro Valley, California

Castro Valley - Chabot Theater - Employees have heard a mans laughing and have

seen shadows moving up and down the isle late at night

Castro Valley - Redwood Rd. - Almost at the very end of Redwood Rd., there's a

haunted preschool. In the early 1980s, a man, with a knife, killed all the kids

at the preschool. The building no longer remains. All that remains is a swing

set and the foundation of the building. From time to time, you can hear the

children playing or running around and you can see the swings actually moving by


Carmel, California

Carmel - Blue Sky Lodge - The upper suites, very cold at night and feeling very uneasy in the master bedroom of the two bedrooms.

Fremont, California

Fremont - Lord Bradley's Bed & Breakfast Inn - Noises in the dead of night,

heavy footsteps and apparitions. The former owner's daughter would see figures

wearing Victorian style clothing.

Fremont - Morison Canyon Road - When you go down The Canyon road you will find

an off ramp that will lead you down to a creek... That is if you can drive all

the way down the road... As you go down the road you begin to hear knocking and

at about half way down the road you will start to hear a small boy laughing...

Story tells that a young boy was killed in the basement of a cottage at the end

of the road...he was found by his parents hanging from the rafters, when his

parents called the cops they told them that there was no body in the house but

mass amounts of blood washing up at the creek banks... Legend tells that if you

make it down the canyon you can still see blood washing up on the creek banks

and hear a young boy laughing...No Trespassing

Fremont - Mission San Jose - Built in the late 1700's, Mission San Jose has had

a lot of curious history. A fire destroyed the original Mission, and the 1906

earthquake leveled the old church. Both have been rebuilt, the church about 12

years ago and the mission in the 1800's. There are cold spots and mists in the

mission itself, uncanny feelings and mists in the courtyard by the fountain. An

old cemetery adjacent to the church is the site of many disturbances, including

unexplained whispers and crying (several Fremont pioneers are buried here, as

well as countless Natives). Also in the church itself, where there are graves in

the floor in the Sanctuary and in front of the altar. Severe cold spits are felt

near the graves. Across the street from the mission sits an historic tavern,

where witnesses say they have seen several Native looking people in old clothing

cross the street and disappear as soon as they enter the courtyard of the


Fremont - Ohlone College - In the women's bathroom in building 3 there is the

ghost of a woman wearing a blue '60s style dress. She appears in the mirror.

Fremont - Washington High School - old Senior Hall - the rest of the school was

recently rebuilt, but the senior hall is part of the original plan. Students in

there at night including myself have reported hearing more than one set of

footsteps in the hall, even though they are the only ones in the hall

Hayward, California

Hayward - Cal State University - Ghosts are seen near Robinson Hall around 10pm.

A male & female who are not shy. The female is said to wear a "little bo peep"


Hayward - General Cinema Southland - The theater is haunted by George. He haunts

theatre 4 and 5 and the upstairs.

Hayward - Hayward Plunge - In the late 1960's a swim coach who taught at the

indoor pool next to the memorial park kidnapped all of his kids that he was

teaching and led them to this creek that is along side the trail in the back of

this park and left them there, told them to wait that he'd be back. The kids

stayed there all night until there were no more people around. The swim coach

returned and murdered them in the woods and left their bodies in the creek. It

is said that if you walk through the park at nighttime up the trail about 200

yards, you will witness many strange things. Mini- rockslides will occur in

strange spots, you will find yourself in cold spots and see dark shadows, as you

reach the circle clearing, stop and listen for a few minutes. You will hear the

children’s footsteps all around you, some laughing and running, some crying and

pleading for your help.

Hayward - Lone Tree Cemetery - Faces have been seen in the bushes. Strange

noises heard inside the graveyard. Things have been moved from headstones to

unexplainable places. Whispering and thumps heard when walking through the main

part of the cemetery. Lights flash and bells chime. Strange movements and dark

shadows in the distance. A few orbs have been seen with the naked eye. Many came

out on the camera. Strange noises heard on the video when played back.

Hayward - Vic Hubbards - An Employee was killed by a dropped engine block, some

employee's say he haunts the warehouse behind the shop. Haunting includes

"clowning on ricers", "stealing altezza lights"

Livermore, California

Livermore - Paterson's Pass - Supposedly, a class of children were taking a

field trip. On the way, the bus broke down. Everyone got out of the bus and

tried pushing it. The bus then rolled backwards and crushed all the students.

Now, if you go to the marker (157) put your car in neutral the students try to

push you. While they push you their finger prints appear on your car and you

hear footsteps on the gravel beneath.

Livermore - The Sanitarium - One night in 1789 a groundskeeper for the

tuberculosis hospital went crazy and shot all the children. They are screams can

be heard constantly.

Milpitas, California

Milpitas - Ed Levin Park Cemetery - The cemetery is now closed, but even in the

daytime, electronics will shut off, start on own, loud moans can be heard,

flashes of lights and car problems. Very cold in spots.

Milpitas - Marsh Road - In 1980, a Milpitas High School student raped and

murdered his girlfriend, leaving her body underneath the small bridge on Marsh

Road, high up in the hills, in the middle of nowhere. Underneath the bridge is a

very foul odor; electronic devices are drained of power. And when people go

there at night, a white truck tries to run them off the road. When people pass

by the bridge late at night, there have been witnesses who claim to have seen

the ghost of the girl. As the driver looks at the back view mirror, she will

appear in the reflection, but as you look back, she's gone.

Newark, California

Newark - Newpark Mall - In the TILT arcade doors won't unlock and appear to be

stuck. At night when workers used to turn off all the games in the brake rooms

(there are two of them) some of them would switch back on when turned off no one

else was there to do so. One of the workers spent the night there after working

late one night and heard a little girl screaming in his ear. Always having the

feeling of being watched when alone. Some of people that have been there say

they have seen a little girl in the emergency exit door way and just disappears

through it.

Newark - Newpark Mall - Anchor Blue - There is a ghost in the stockroom; it used

to harass one of the female employees. It would push things over when she was in

there alone. When in the office, we would hear loud crashes in the stock room,

but when we would look on the camera, no one would be there. When in the stock

room, you can hear the fitting room doors slamming shut when the area is empty.

In the mornings, we would come in to hear the sensors beeping in the jean wall;

we would dig through the piles, find the pair of jeans, and then turn the sensor

off. Later on, the beeping would start up again, but in a completely different

place on the wall.

Oakland, California


Pleasanton, California

Pleasanton - Gay 90's Pizza - This building was constructed in the 1800's. A

woman dressed in blue is reported walking around on the second floor of the

building and the owner and his family claimed to have seen her too. She has

written “Boo!Boo!” on the inside of the restroom mirror, every time it is

replaced. A girl went into the basement to get boxes and was violently shoved

from behind her when she turned around there was no one there. After hours when

counting money, things have been moved, sodas move to opposite sides of the

table. The license plates the line the ceiling move random ones not all of them

just one or two. Strange things happen when the lights go out.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco - Abandoned Army Hospital - Many soldiers died and their ghosts

still haunt this hospital in Park Presidio. It is fenced off, but you can find

ways either under the fence or over it. Many windows have been boarded up but a

basement door towards the back of the building is open. Also, many windows are

busted out and it is musty, graffiti-filled, and very spooky. You can hear

footsteps, see reflections of light, and sometimes a cold draft. Even S.F.P.D.

will not enter. - The police patrol the area and it is VERY possible you will

get arrested or ticketed.

San Francisco - Abraham Lincoln High School - late at night, toilet paper can be

heard unraveling in the girl's bathroom by the main office. also, in the girl's

bathroom by the band room, feet can be seen in the stall when no one else is

there and someone whispering "hi". And the room by the cafeteria is locked and

no one is allowed in there because a girl was raped and murdered in that room.

San Francisco - Alcatraz - Voices in the former eating area as well as the cell

blocks are heard when no one else is around. Footsteps and the sounds of cell

doors opening and closing also echo throughout the corridors. People have

reported feeling "cold spots" in certain areas and the feeling that they are not

alone, even when they are.

San Francisco - Alcatraz – Dinning Hall Cold spots felt.

San Francisco - Bay Bridge - While driving on the lower deck at night towards

Oakland direction, drivers would hear knocking on the windows. Some saying that

they saw a headless man running next to their cars at the same speed of the

cars. He was believed to be the victim of the 1989 earthquake.

San Francisco - Cameron House - Located on Sacramento St. in Chinatown, San

Francisco. Once owned by Lady Cameron, the basement of the house was a refuge

for Chinese immigrant from lives of prostitution and slavery, among the obvious

discrimination and hell that was once Chinatown. She sealed the doors in the

basement to protect the immigrants from inspections by the police. If she can't

open the doors, they can't inspect and then arrest and possibly kill the rooms

of people. However, the people were able to come in and out through a secret

passageway. Apparently, rumors spread about her philanthropy and some people

came and burned down the house. Everyone in the rooms died. Now, the restored

Cameron House (turned church) sends chills up spines. The basement doors are

still sealed, but every door contains a red charm and a gold charm to seal in

the spirits, as well. Furthermore, the pipes that run along the ceiling run to

the end of the hall forming an "X" over a door with the script: "do not enter."

Photographs taken in the house have shown white figures in the background.

Supposedly, these photos are nonchalantly mingled in with normal ones and kept

in photo albums at the site. This possibly happened around the 1930's or so. It

might be the late 1800's or the early 1900s. Most likely early 1900's.

San Francisco - Child Support Services - In the place, is a woman around 20-30

walking around, moving things. People always mistake her for a woman working

there. She's always walking around after closing time, and when the janitors are

trying to clean, she's always getting in front of the vacuum. She doesn't bother

people, but she REALLY scares them and always misplaces workers badges and keys.

San Francisco - Corpus Christi Elementary School Part 2 - The back room in the

Parish Hall. Some say they have seen ghosts walking around and playing in the

room. There are pianos in the room, and some people claim to hear the pianos

playing classical music. They say that people were murdered in the room and

those spirits are the ones haunting the living.

San Francisco - CCS Elementary School - There is an urban legend of an elderly

church-going woman who was murdered by being pushed from a steep staircase, and

whose body was later disposed of in the nearby dumpster. It is said that when

young girls use the bathroom near the staircase, you can hear her praying. Hail


San Francisco - Golden Gate Park - There's a police officer ghost that roams

Golden Gate Park. People will get pulled over and get speeding tickets by this

guy, but when they go to file it through the courts they'll find out that the

officer listed doesn't exist. He's been dead for 10 years. Anyway, the story

goes that if a cop in the park is trailing you, you need to go outside of the

park first before you pull over. And once you do, the ghost cop will disappear.

San Francisco - Haskell House - ghost of Senator Broderick pacing back and


San Francisco - James Denman Middle School - teachers & students have reported

to see a dead girl walking up the stairs and haunts the 2nd floor girls bathroom

she closes the door to the stalls and flushes the toilet....they say her name is

Elizabeth. people also hear someone moving chains on the 3rd floor

San Francisco - Martin Luther King Middle School - The place in the school that

is haunted is the boys restroom on the second floor by a boy named Johnny. The

story is that he was a bad kid that loved to pick on students until one day he

asked to go to the bathroom and when he didn't come back they sent someone up

there to look. He wasn't there. It is said that if you are alone in the hall you

can hear a knocking on the bathroom door. The teachers keep the bathroom door

locked. and no one is allowed to go in.

San Francisco - Neptune Society Columbarium - Located at One Loraine Court, San

Francisco. Originally part of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, the Columbarium still

stands over Geary Boulevard near Stanyan Street. This repository of the dead is

not only wonderful eye candy, but has been a place of ghostly sightings as well.

One encounter included a visitor having felt a hand on her back. When the woman

turned around, no one was there. But a eerie white handprint remained on her

blouse. Now a registered city landmark, the Columbarium is open to the public.

Donations are encouraged.

San Francisco - Ocean Beach Sutro Bath - The sutro baths have quite a history

behind them, as well as the tunnel that lies directly to the right of the old

sunken building. It has been said that many people have been sacrificed at the

end of this tunnel, and if you go at night fall and light a candle at the end of

the tunnel someone will come and pick it up and throw it into the water that

rushes up just beyond the rocks.

San Francisco - Orchard Supply Hardware - There is a story of girl being

murdered and raped in the warehouse area of the store 1 yr before it became

Orchard. Employees have seen a figure walking and she is heard footsteps that

seem to be the sound of high heels (No one wears high heels), screaming and

laughing, as well as boxes moving. She likes to blow in men's ears and girls

with long hair often feel a slight tug. One report of a worker that had just

shrunk wrapped a pallet. The power went out and there is a 5 sec delay for the

generator to kick on in that 5 sec something completely unwrapped the pallet.

San Francisco - Paso Robles Hotel - A 911 Operator got a call from Room 1007 in

this hotel. When police investigated and found the room empty, the manager

thought the call might have come from the ghost that haunts the room. The spirit

is believed to be deceased night clerk who died when the former hotel on the

site burned down on December 19, 1940. The current hotel was built with bricks

from that hotel. Several of the hotel employees report getting calls from Room

1007 at the front desk, but when they investigate, the room is always empty.

San Francisco - Queen Anne Hotel - Located at the corner of Sutter And Octavia,

the Queen Anne Hotel is an elegant Victorian style hotel, which dates back to

the 1890's. With free access to all of the floors and some of the rooms, it's a

great place to perform an investigation. If you want you can spend a night or so

in Miss Mary Lakes Room. Before the hotel even was a hotel, it was a school for

girls since few girls had access to schools back then. Miss Mary Lake was the

teacher. She was dedicated to her work. But when the school was closed down she

was heart broken and as she eventually died. Her spirit remained. Room 410 top

floor is where you can find her room.

San Francisco - Quickly - Quickly is a drink store that has been reported as a

haunted location. Located on Taraval and 21st ave, the store was once a candy

store ran by frightened owners. Their supply room was reported haunted by a

ghost that regularly throws supplies off the shelves the next morning. Previous

owner reported that banging sounds and a light female scream occurs. Along with

poor business, the store was sold to the big corporation (Quickly) and no weird

encounters have been reported. The ghost was named Devinia by the previous

owner, naming it after a suspicious note was found in the supply room with the

name shown.

San Francisco - Safeway - Located in the middle of San Francisco, SAFEWAY

between 17th avenue and Taraval. There were recent sightings by employees that a

young boy was sighted in the empty hallways leading to the storage room. The

time was around 12:00 am closing time. The employees, even a customer, saw a

young male at the age around 7-10 walking slowly towards them, but from a

distance. One of the employees claimed to see the young spirit sitting beside

some crates with his head down, and his arms covering his knees. The customer

simply believed that he saw someone standing on the corner at the end of the

hallway facing against the wall. He wanted to use the nearby restroom before he

saw the figure. All visions of his spirit were blurry because they said that

there was lack of lighting inside the location. Rumors are that the building was

once a motel in the mid 1900s until it was burnt down because the owner had

money problems with local gang members; however, the presence of the young boy

is still a mystery.

San Francisco - San Francisco Arts Institute - Supposedly built on a cemetery in

the early 1900 after an earthquake, it is haunted by a few restless spirits.

San Francisco - School of the Arts High School - former site of MacAteer H.S. -

singing can be heard in the 3rd floor bathroom when no one is around. also on

the 3rd floor, knocking on the lockers and from inside locked classrooms can be


San Francisco - Strawberry Hill - Stowe Lake Golden Gate Park - It has been said

that in the 1920's or 30's a woman became pregnant & hide the pregnancy from her

family. She disposed of the child and killed her self in the reservoir. At night

if you’re at Stowe Lake you may see her walking around Strawberry Hill looking

for her baby.

San Francisco - The Mansions Hotel- The ghost of the original owner's daughter,

Claudia, can be seen and heard by staff and guests. She has also been known to

communicate to "yes" and "no" answers.

San Francisco - Trinity Episcopal Church - Reports a gray figure coming out of

the men's bathroom and disappear through the wall on the other side of the hall.

Also experienced, strange drafts, 3 directional; shadow of a person, and an

apparition in a white suite.

San Francisco - USCF Medical Center - Intensive Care Nursery haunted by women

that have died in childbirth. Many children haunt Pediatric. 8th floor was so

bad it had to be exorcised.

San Francisco - Washington High School - It has been said that the boy's 3rd

floor restroom, is haunted. At night, or at later hours after school (when not

as many people are around), people have reported seeing a figure standing by one

of the stalls then vanish.

San Jose, California

San Jose - AMC Saratoga 14 - Poltergeist/Presence very strong in this 14 screen

multiplex. House Lights flicker on & off, muffled laughter/whispers, also arm

rests lower & raise themselves up of their own accord, especially in theatre 5.

Also Workers report in the projection booth a shadowy figure can be glimpsed, &

lurks around projector number 5.

San Jose - Arbuckle Elementary - A boy was brutally murdered in the late 70s. He

was stabbed many times in the back. People say when he they pass by it at night

they can see him with the knife in his back.

San Jose - Burnett Academy Middle School - there’s a door in the girls locker

room that leads to a classroom up stairs. A long time ago a girl was running up

the stairs and she tripped and she died. it is said that when you are in the

girls locker room at nigh you can hear things coming from the stair well like

someone falling. it has mostly been heard by cheerleaders after a basketball


San Jose - Chuck-e-Cheese - haunted by a little girl on the third floor

San Jose - El Rancho Verde Apts. - Legend has it, that in the early 70's a well

known maintenance employee raped and killed two young high school girls in the

apartments main garbage. It is said that when passing by, late at night, you

could hear a distant torturous cry of a girl. Residents of the area are still

spooked by the chills you get when passing through this area.

San Jose - Foxdale Apartments - at these apartments there have been sightings of

ghosts. It is said that these apartments were build on top of an old cemetery

and that there were still some graves. at one apartment a young woman hung

herself because her family left her. there have been sightings of her after her


San Jose - Happy Hollow park - The Creek behind the baby zoo at the Happy hallow

park, is haunted by a lady wearing a short red dress with a black belt and long

black hair, she is believed to have been murdered there in the 70's.

San Jose - Independence High School - In the large theater there is a presence

named "George". Legend has it he fell off one of the catwalks while working. Now

his spirit haunts the theater. Lights switch on and off during presentations

done for students, seats pull down and come up when no one is sitting next to

you, and if alone in the theater practicing for a show, "George" loves to play

lighting tricks on you. Fact is no one has ever died in that theatre. No

Janitors are ever allowed to go up there nor do they have reason too. The

history however, behind George is he has been ever present since the has been

built. No one really knows where he comes from or what the history of the land

is or anything...though there is a basic story that does float around. So far

our George has three figures...The first being there was the business like man

figure that was standing up against the wall. The second time George appeared,

it was to the actors - [techs never saw him that night] however actors kept

complaining about a little boy running around backstage trying to catch his toy

ball. The last sighting that has happened was about a year ago witnessed by 2

people who where alone in the building. It was of a very large man and he sat

down and filled up the aisle of the house ...which is about 2 and 1/2 to 3 feet

wide. A week later after seeing this one of the witnesses was in the lighting

booth. and reports, ”My friend and I were coming down the stairs of the lighting

booth to go talk to our teacher, who was at the other end of the

where near the stage or house [where the audience sits], as we got half way down

the whole booth started shaking violently. Us thinking it was an earthquake ran

and got the heck out of there. We went to our teachers office, which is located

in the same building, and asked her if she felt an earthquake or anything. She

looked at us and said, "No, what are you talking about?" Since then...George has

managed to become more violent here and there...he never harms anyone...however

he still continues to play his usual tricks.”

San Jose - Notre Dame HS - A nun years back hung herself off the balcony because

she was pregnant. It is now said to be haunted. Also the gym which is no longer

in use has been reported to have ghosts.

San Jose - old horse stables It is said that the old owner of the stables haunts

the old barns. These stables are located behind Yearba Buena HS. Many teens go

to the old barns at night for a scare. They have reported voices and a ghostly

figure of a man.

San Jose - Overfelt High School - There have been sightings of a janitor that

pass in early 80s. Students say they hear his cart being pushed around during

night time.

San Jose - San Jose State University (1857) - The old gym was used as a

collection area for Japanese internees during WWII. Voices and crying can be

heard here at night.

San Jose - Silver Creek high school - A young ghost Named Amy haunts the theatre

of the high school. It is said she hung her self inside one of the bathrooms

behind the stage.

San Jose - Slonaker Elementary School - it is said that many witnesses have

heard the sound of children playing while students are in class. There was a

child run over killed by his uncle.

San Jose - Winchester House - It is a house that was owned Sarah Winchester. It

is believed to be haunted by Sarah and the spirits of those who were killed by

Winchester's guns. Cold spots felt, an impression of someone lying in Sarah’s

bed, apparitions, rocking chairs rocking, being pushed by unseen hands,

disembodied talking & laughing.

San Lorenzo, California

San Lorenzo - Del Rey Park - This is an unusual park in kind of an odd place. If

you take Hisperian road and make a left onto Bochman and then another left onto

Bandoni and go to the end of the road where to your left there are dead ends...

you will see a park inside there. If you go at night take a few people with you.

People have been murdered in this park and their souls were never put to rest.

Some roam the park at night and will bother you and tell you to leave if you are

there for too long of a time. You can see orange and blue aura's coming toward

you from a distance and sometimes you can hear voices all around you ... with a

feeling of being surrounded. Walk around the duck pond and concentrate on how

you feel and how you are breathing.

San Rafael, California

San Rafael - Dominican University - There is a ghost dubbed 'blue boy' who

supposedly drowned in a bathtub. Some students say they have seen wet footprints

near the site of haunting.

Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara - Agnews Insane Asylum - Built around 1918 after the original

structure was destroyed in 1912. Workers have witnessed apparitions, strange

laughter, screaming, cold spots and freezer doors flying open violently along

with the ejection of the contents. - December 2003 Update: Agnews developmental

center was torn down and became the new site of the SUN Microsystems Santa Clara

Campus. Information about the site can be found

Santa Clara - Blood Tavern - In the north valley Baptist church, there was a

mass cult suicide, where innocent children were slaughtered like cows for there

meat. Their spirits have inhabited this church since the late 60's when it

happened. There have been sightings of pentagrams on the floor and ceilings

covered in blood. Witnesses have seen apparitions of mangled bodies and heard

children's screams below through the halls. You can sometimes feel the children

hitting you to get out.

Santa Clara - Merced - HWY 152 Gilroy to Los Banos - Pacheo Pass "The Green Man

" - There are many stories of the horrible things that have happened along

Pacheco Pass between Gilroy and the Casa de Fruta but after the Casa de Frusta

and just before you go up the pass to the San Luis Reservoir, there is a man I

had seen numerous times while traveling the road from 1975 - 1980. The man was

always in a black cape, has a lime green face , bald headed and is very visible

at night or day. He is always floating just above the ground next to the

Southbound lanes with his arms folded and a stern look on his face.

Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - There have been stories of a young boy

playing in the aisles after closing. The ghost of a ten-year-old boy who was

killed on an amusement park ride haunts the area where the ride once stood.

Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - Big Arcade & Drop Zone - There is a

story of a man that haunts the big arcade over by the drop zone. Security would

see a man on the cameras but when they got there no one was there, but here's

the catch. the guy watching the cameras kept telling the guys over the radio

that the guy was behind them and then next to them.

Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - IMAX theatre - there are reports of

lights turning on and off, and whispers.

Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - Paramount Theater - witnesses have

seen a man walk across the stage and then disappear, experienced cold spots, odd

noises and the feel of fingers on the back of their necks, tap their shoulder

and speak their name.

Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - Roast Beef Shop - There was a man

wearing a blue shirt that got locked up in the freezer and froze to death. Every

night at exactly 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. when closing u can hear screams in the

freezer of the man in the blue shirt.

Santa Clara - Santa Clara University - Students passing by the cemetery next to

the mission claim to here eerie moans and locked doors to the O'Connor building

swinging open and shut. In the bell tower reports of past Jesuits are seen


Santa Clara - Sun Microsystems - February 2/20/04, around 10:00 PM, there were

three Phone technicians working in one of the buildings. Two men and a woman.

They were running new phone lines into a phone closet. Their was a door next to

the closet. The woman heard a noise & opened it. Their was a little girl with

her arms opened (as to give her a hug) & the woman jumped back & fell onto the

guys. When the guys looked back to see what the heck was going on, they saw the

ghost as well. Immediately, they took off running. The Building's power was off

& just the two guy's had flash lights. They ran so fast, they left the woman

behind to fend for herself. She really freaked out trying to find an exit in the

dark. This was a VERY scary moment for all of them & when she finally made it

out, security was there toassist her. Security had heard from the men once they

arrived outside of a ghostly presence. When asked to finish their job by their

employer, they "absolutely" refused to ever go back!

Santa Clara - Sun Microsystems - About two weeks ago February 2/20/04, around

10:00 PM, there were three Phone technicians working in one of the buildings.

Two men and a woman. They were running new phone lines into a phone closet.

Their was a door next to the closet. The woman heard a noise & opened it. Their

was a little girl with her arms opened (as to give her a hug) & the woman jumped

back & fell onto the guys. When the guys looked back to see what the heck was

going on, they saw the ghost as well. Immediately, they took off running. The

Building's power was off & just the two guy's had flash lights. They ran so

fast, they left the woman behind to fend for herself. She really freaked out

trying to find an exit in the dark. This was a VERY scary moment for all of them

& when she finally made it out, security was there to assist her. Security had

heard from the men once they arrived outside of a ghostly presence. When asked

to finish their job by their employer, they "absolutely" refused to ever go


Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz - Grahm Hill Road Cemetery - There is a cemetery on the left hand

side of the road when going up Grahm Hill road right off of Highway 17 in S.C.

This cemetery is pretty strange there is a lot of action going on in here. You

can see faces and things moving inside of the cemetery. If you pull into the

driveway towards the end of the cemetery and shine your headlights you will see

a white figure coming towards you. MOVE! This ghost is not friendly. There are

many orbs that you can see with the naked eye and some strange noises heard from

the East end of the Cemetery. Faces are seen in the headstones and Dark shadows

above them.

Santa Cruz - Porter College - B Building - 3rd floor North of the B building -

Over the years, a number of people residing on the hall have experienced waking

up from a dead sleep and feeling as though they were being strangled and held to

their bed as they tried to sit up. Eventually the feelings subsided. Also to

clarify, there are several other 'ghosts' known to reside in the A building as

well, some are known to wander the 2nd floor of A building, and the B-building's

"Bermuda Triangle" still holds residents. The man's name who ended his life in

the fourth floor of B building's name is David.

Santa Cruz - Red, White and Blue Beach - A woman was killed at this beach by her

boyfriend. Apparently, her ghost is seen haunting the beach.

Santa Cruz - San Jose - Highway 17 - People have claimed to see the ghost of an

old Indian man walking along the road. He is supposedly the cause of all the


Santa Cruz - The Rispin Mansion - Upstairs is haunted by a woman in a Victorian

black dress who is looking for a book, she also opens doors even heavily locked

and bolted or nailed ones and windows. Downstairs, a man with glasses is seen in

the empty fireplace, and in the basement an angry dog, probably from when local

police used the place for search dog training, haunts the stairway and front

door. Also a heard calls out for help from the basement.

Santa Cruz - University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College - A Building -

On the fifth floor of A building a student killed himself and is occasionally

seen walking down the hall dressed as he was when he died.

Santa Cruz - University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College - B Building -

On the first floor of B building three rooms are known as the "Bermuda Triangle"

This hall is no longer occupied but when it was there were many reports of

noises and voices heard, objects flying across the rooms and a feeling that

there was something extremely malicious there. The malicious feeling persists

for people just walking down the hall.

Santa Cruz - University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College - The Meadow -

The third spirit is a transient named Lily that lived in the meadow near Porter

in the 70s, she is seen walking around the meadow, either in rags or naked.

Santa Cruz - White Lady - In the back woods off of Grahm Hill Rd. Very creepy.

Voices of a old woman. Sometimes see a white lady walking around.

Sunnyvale, California

Sunnyvale - Bishop Elementary School - The ghost of Mr. Bishop the school's

namesake is said the walk the halls and auditorium of the school.

Sunnyvale - Homestead High School - is said to have a ghost walking the halls on

the second floor.. It's been known to lock doors, open doors and it's presence

can be felt. People have also said that they've seen it, and one teacher claims

that the ghost tapped him on his shoulder. One parent attending an orientation,

felt a strong negative presence, as if it were saying, “Go home please.” They

apologized out loud for intruding and left.

Sunnyvale - Quality Inn Suites - There have been many reports of one of the

rooms in this hotel being haunted by a man. He apparently died there of a heart

attack. Guests will often complain of noises coming from the unoccupied, haunted

room. Apparitions seen.

Sunnyvale - Toys R Us - Toys R Us is haunted supposedly by a young boy or man,

believed to be Jonny Jonson (pronounced Yonny Yonson), a farm worker. .

Employees report finding toys in aisles when opening up the store in the

morning, and balls rolling down aisles when nobody else is around, and bicycles

being ridden around at night. There also have been pictures taken of this ghost.

Tracy, California

Tracy - Amore's Pizza Place - Every time you eat there someone would always be

taking the salt and pepper shakers.

Tracy - Banta Inn - this is a very old restaurant and bar where the workers

claim at night after closing time the money in the cash register is found neatly

stacked one night an ash tray was hurled through the air almost hitting a worker

who was alone in there cleaning up and some say they have heard a woman's

laughter. This is all after closing time and the place is clear of people other

then the person cleaning up.

Tracy - Bethany Reservoir - There have been sightings of children running

through the hills around the reservoir screaming. Rumor has it that in 1962 an

alcoholic father took his 3 sons and 2 daughters on a fishing trip and went

insane and hunted his kids down one by one.

Tracy - Byron Inn - It is an abandoned hotel that was once used by famous

Hollywood actors who wanted to "get away" from the Hollywood life for awhile. It

is now haunted by some of those Hollywood stars.

Tracy - Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin - Bldg 100 - During the evening

hours employees hear footsteps in the deserted mainframe room. There are only

one or two employees on duty and all have confirmed the sounds. The water in the

men's room, adjacent to the mainframe area, is found to be running on occasion.

It's suspected that either one of three previous employees, who have died by

terrible disease and suicides are the cause.

Union City, California

Union City - Bronco Billy's Pizzeria - In Old Alvarado section of Union City

there is a pizzeria called Bronco Billy's pizza, it is a very old building built

before Union City became a city, In the after hours it is said to be haunted ,

there are pictures of old cowboys from the area over a century old, the place is

dark and gloomy, the reserved party room is heard to be the most supernatural


Vallejo, California

Vallejo - Along the Highway Near Hiddenbook - The Children of Good Serpent

Orphanage: During - "The Bad" Children were sent from all around the World to

Good Serpent Continuation School and Orphanage. The ghosts here are the scariest

of them all. Some of the bad Appalachian Experiment Children were sent here as

well.(some of these children were born deformed and others with learning

problems)Some of the children that are seen here sneaking out at night were so

hideous that they changes the name from Good Servant to Good Serpant(referring

to the Devil).It was never listed in the Phone Directories and was the Worst

Case of Child Abuse ever recorded in History. The violent souls of the Good

Serpent Orphanage are still seen only in this area.

Vallejo - Lake Herman Road - This is one of the places where the infamous

"Zodiac" murdered a young lady and injured her boyfriend back in the fifties or

sixties, the hangout of the Zodiac was supposedly on this road as well The road

is nothing but abandoned ranches and utility buildings now but a strange mist

hugs to the top of the hills to the left on most nights rather than sticking to

the lake to the right . . . it is on the right side of the road where the Zodiac

supposedly wrote taunting letters to the police. EVPs recorded picking up a

strange heavy breathing that seemed to be from a woman, and a strange feeling of

not being alone.

Vallejo - Naval Training Station - The ghost of a W.W.II sailor has been seen by

witnesses going down a ladder into the engine room. He then walks to a cubbyhole

where there is only a desk and chair, and disappears.

Vallejo - Raley's Shopping Center - The ghosts of the 1897 trail derailment. In

1897 Vallejo welcomed the Royals of England with a train ride through the Napa

Valley.It derailed and Princess Margaret and Princess Marie Elena died instantly

as well as 100 of the passangers that accompanied them from the Ride from NY to

Vallejo to the Napa Valley.The 100 passengers that traveled with them were the

100 servants of the Princesses of England.

Vallejo - Rancho - This started when a man was accidentally shot on Rancho on a

Monday night.. Now every Monday Night people here gunshots and the man screaming

and yelling for his life... Some times blood is found on driveways that no one

knows where it came from.

Vallejo - Richardson Drive & Old Marche-Maher Ranch Area (Now Borges Ranch) -

"Little Boy Blue" the missing Royal of France. In 1980, the authentic painting

of Little Boy Blue was found in a old wore down home on Richardson Drive. The

people just bought the home and the neighborhood was being rebuilt. One of the

Construction Workers came across the Painting. It was Prince Louis Bonaparte

Delacroix Montenegro Hollanzder of France(1879).He was going to be King. He was

kidnapped at 18 years old. Right after the Royal Court painted his picture. Some

say he was murdered violently still wearing his Royal Outfit. He had a met

another Royal who was also kidnapped and taken here and they became boyfriend

and girlfriend. The description of the ghost: Prince Louis has short dark hair

combed back. He is wearing a blue army/military suit with a white collar, he

looks like a teenager, he is a bit thin. He has blue eyes. He loves women. Some

people say he was killed on his way to meet his girlfriend who lived in the

Marche Mansion.(Located on the present-day Angelina Way Street).*Some people say

every night since 1879 the ghost of Prince Louis kisses any women who end up

moving to this street, going house to house watching over them. (His ghost was

the Inspiration to the Story Peter Pan)WRITTEN IN 1900.

Vallejo - Vallejo Museum - The former location of the Vallejo Canteen.(A popular

spot in the early 1900s for Society Members to gather) In 1922 Rose Borgia was

to perform for Manuel the King of Portugual, she was his wife and somehow was

left behind when she visited her nephew here in the United States. The person

who served as her translator sold her to the Marche-Maher Family and they locked

her up in the attic of Branciforte. She never was able to see her husband and

after 2 years of practicing to Perform for him a Irish Song called "Smiling

Through" She suffocated in the attic. Her ghost is often seen the in Vallejo

Museum(formerly Vallejo Canteen)practicing singing with a friend (location

upstairs)and later vanishes after the window opens then shuts. Some smell a

scent of Gardenia, in which she use to wear in her hair.




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