Famous People Born in San Francisco

  Celebrity Type Born High School Summary
  Bill Bixby Actor 1/22/1934 Lowell (San Francisco,CA) The Incredible Hulk, My Favorite Martian, The Magician.
  Lisa Bonet Actress 11/16/1967 Reseda (Los Angeles,CA) The Cosby Show (Denise), A Different World, Angel Heart.
  Benjamin Bratt Actor 12/16/1963 Lowell (San Francisco,CA) Law and Order, Miss Congeniality, Traffic
  Stephen Breyer Government 8/15/1938 Lowell (San Francisco,CA) US Supreme Court Justice 1994-
  Jerry Brown Government 4/7/1938 St. Ignatius (San Francisco,CA) Former Mayor of Oakland and Governor of California.
  Tucker Carlson Journalist 5/16/1969 St. George's School (Newport,RI) Has written for several publications
  Margaret Cho Comedian 12/5/1968 McAteer High School for the Performing Arts (San Francisco,CA)  
  Clint Eastwood Actor, Film Director 5/31/1930 Oakland Technical (Oakland,CA) Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, The Bridges of Madison County.
  Dianne Feinstein Government 6/22/1933 Sacred Heart (San Francisco,CA) US Senator from California.
  Dan Fouts Athlete 6/10/1951 St. Ignatius (San Francisco,CA) NFL quarterback from 1973-1987 and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1993.
  Jim Fregosi Athlete 4/4/1942 Junipero Serra (San Mateo,CA) Baseball player and manager
  Danny Glover Actor 7/22/1946 Unknown Lethal Weapon Movies, Bopha, The Royal Tennenbaums.
  Daniel Handler Author, Writer 2/28/1970 Lowell (San Francisco,CA) AKA Lemony Snicket. A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  Josh Hartnett Actor 7/21/1978 Minneapolis South (Minneapolis,MN) 40 Days and 40 Nights, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor
  Patty Hearst Actress 2/20/1954 Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton,CA) Fugitive turned actress. Cecil B. Demented, Serial Mom, Pecker. (Any John Waters movie!)
  Mike Holmgren Sports Coach 6/15/1948 Lincoln (San Francisco,CA) Pro football coach with Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. Won the Super Bowl with the Packers in 1997.
  Shirley Jackson Author 12/14/1919 Brighton (Rochester,NY) Wrote The Lottery, The Bird's Nest, The Sundial.
  Steve Jobs Entrepreneur 2/24/1955 Homestead (Cupertino,CA) Co-founder of Apple Computer.
  Jason Kidd Athlete 3/23/1973 Saint Joseph of Notre Dame (Alameda,CA) NBA basketball player 1995-
  Lewis Lapham Business 1/8/1935 Hotchkiss School (Lakeville,CT) Editor of Harper's Magazine
  Bruce Lee Actor 11/27/1940 Garfield (Seattle,WA) Star of martial arts films like Enter the Dragon.
  Richard Levin Education   Lowell (San Francisco,CA) President of Yale University since 1993.
  Monica Lewinsky Government 7/23/1973 Bel Air Prep (West Hollywood,CA) Intern who engaged in sexual relations with Bill Clinton.
  Kevin Pollak Actor 10/30/1957 Unknown A Few Good Men, The Whole Nine Yards, The Usual Suspects
  Simon Rex Actor 7/20/1974 Alameda (Alameda,CA) What I like About You, Jack and Jill, MTV VJ.
  Pierre Salinger Government 6/14/1925 Lowell (San Francisco,CA) White House Press secretary for JFK.
  Rob Schneider Actor 10/31/1963 Terra Nova (San Francisco,CA) Deuce Bigalow, Saturday Night Live, Men Behaving Badly
  Liev Schrieber Actor 10/4/1967 Friends Seminary (New York,NY) The Hurricane, Scream, Sum of All Fears
  Alicia Silverstone Actress 10/4/1976 San Mateo (San Mateo,CA) Clueless, Aerosmith Videos, Batman and Robin.
  O.J. Simpson Athlete, Actor 7/9/1947 Galileo (San Francisco,CA) Hall of Fame Running back and star of Naked Gun Movies until 1994 when he became the most famous alleged criminal ever.
  Joe Spano Actor 7/7/1946 Archbishop Riordan (San Francisco,CA) Hill Street Blues (Henry), Murder One, NYPD Blue.
  David Strathairn Actor 1/26/1949 Redwood (Larkspur,CA) Good Night and Good Luck, LA Confidential, League of their Own
  Jeffrey Tambor Actor 7/8/1944 Unknown The Larry Sanders Show, Arrested Development.
  Willie Wise Athlete 3/3/1947 Balboa (San Francisco,CA) Basketball player. Played in ABA and NBA between 1969-1978, scoring 19 points per game in the ABA and 8 in the NBA.
  Natalie Wood Actress 7/20/1938 Van Nuys (Van Nuys,CA) Rebel without a cause, Brainstorm, Sex and the Single Girl.



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